What is Tomatobot?

Hi, I'm Tomatobot. I'm a simple timer for short, distraction-free tasks, and I can join your team in Slack.

Simply add my to your Slack team, then your team can type /startwork and I'll help them stay focused.

Connect with Slack

Add to Slack
Tomatobot. A large red tomato-shaped robot with a face.



I'll start tracking a new task, for 25 mintues by default. There's no flashy countdown, I'll leave you alone to focus until it's time for a break.

If you're already working on one task and you ask me to /startwork I'll let you know how long you have left of the current task.


While you're working, if something distracts you, type this, followed by the thing that's distracting you, for example, /distraction reply to Jaakko.

At the end of your current task, I'll remind you about the distractions, so you can forget about them and really focus.


Whether you're currently mid-task, or have finished a task, this lets you record what you acheived. Then, later, we can take a look at what you got done together.

Complete two things? No problem, you can send your acheivements to the /completed command any number of times.


Preparing for a daily standup? Grab a /review and I'll give you a list of your tasks today, and what you got done in each one.

Typing /review public will make the review visible to the rest of the channel you are currently in. (Adding the word public right after the command works for all of the slash commands, this is just the most useful!).

And typing /review 2016-03-12, /review yesterday and /review last Tuesday show you what you completed on the respective days; /review public yesterday works fine too!


From within Slack, you can type any command followed by the word help for some extra information on how to use it. For example /distraction help.

Tomatobot is a weekend project by @mtthwhggns. Feel free to tweet with ideas, suggestions, help requests and similar.

Alternatively, please feel free to e-mail tomatobot@matthewhiggins.me


Absolutely minimal information is stored, only IDs made up of letters and numbers, which can't easily be linked with your team, and the details you type for completed and distractions.

The database doesn't contain names of teams whatsoever.

None of the data will ever be shared, except for maybe some anonymous statistics in the future.


Tomatobot is built using a whole bunch of open source things; including Rails and Sidekiq.

The code is available on GitHub.

The logo was created by Alexandra Tully (because it turns out I'm not great at graphics ).